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Pros and Cons of shopping for A clinical Staffing Franchise

contingent healthcare workers
Why you need to Not Franchise

If you're thinking about franchising your start-up medical staffing agency first you need to check out precisely what is expected of you and what you're actually losing in purchasing a medical staffing franchise.

Will you own the Medical Staffing Franchise?

No! When you buy right into a temporary staffing franchise you happen to be basically getting the rights to work with that company's name, O'h and it'll cost you plenty to do this.

The amount will it cost to franchise a medical staffing agency?

Between $125,000 to $175,000 which is not section of the Franchise fee, the charge to use nokia's name will be some where around $25,000. The $25,000 may be the Franchise fee, this usually has not apply having your office, hiring employees, paying employees, your marketing/advertising costs, it's just the cost the organization charges to allow you to use there name.

Does name recognition guarantee success?

No, Franchises explain how you've got the benefits of established name recognition loyal to this provider, this is good for existing contracts with the franchise, but you will must develop your own relationships using the clients. A name within the medical staffing industry has little to not even attempt to employ having the ability to provide service continuously and effectively. Your reputation along with your capability to generate business is what your ability to succeed will depend on.

Will a franchise have tools and techniques to grow significantly?

Not really, usually when franchises speak of tools and methods these are talking about manuals they're going to provide to you personally on how to advertise your company. Many Franchises claim they can have proprietary technology to bill and track employees. With today's marketplace you will discover these types of easily obtainable and ready to work with you cheaply.

Do Franchises have particular forms I need to begin?

Even if you will be needing certain forms to get started, you don't a franchise to provide those forms for you personally. You are able to access those forms online at modest fees. There are only a lot of forms you may need and as you grow you buy more forms or contracts, you may then use the results of the business to acquire more forms.

Are Franchises the only real ones effective at providing 100% funding for temporary employees?

Absolutely not, all a franchise did was contract with a vendor that provides factoring. Usually Franchise is not one who turns out to be giving the money. You will notice that today there are numerous companies willing to work with you to cover your payroll 100% and perform the billing along with manage your books. Usually there is no fee to pay for your invoices; commonly a factoring company delivers the bucks for your requirements within days. The fees are generally structured inside the invoice, in essence you never pay anything directly.

Do Franchises have proprietary technology to track employees?

Perhaps they do or simply they don't really. Again, online companies offer Web employee tracking software. The fees because of this service can vary between $50 - $300 depending on the height and width of your company. If you're small, restoration $50 a month will take care of your initial requirement for technology to trace and manage work force.

Do franchises permit growth?

No! you purchase a location to showcase based on your region. They call this exclusive territory, you may be in a position to expand to multiple units however it will set you back. Getting your own staffing agency about to catch restricted to territories, regions or expansion costs determined by franchise fees. If you ever desired to grow to an alternative State or City, you possibly will not be able to because some else in the franchise beat you to it.

What are making use of your franchise support?

You will notice that once you choose the franchise, the support structure they're saying to offer within Hr, Legal, Marketing etc will probably be passed down to a answering service that will need you to leave a communication. You may be in a position to visit there website and at times they will return the email, but you'll see that the person on the other end was just been trained in the fabric provided to you and also doesn't have field experience inside the medical staffing industry.

Can it be expensive to open a franchise beyond the Franchise fee?

Yes it's? Why? Think it over, you think a franchise wants you to start shop cheaply? No, your franchise is really a marketing strategy on their behalf. In the event you look bad, they will look bad. It's on the welfare from the franchise that you have the top site selection, the most effective construction and plan assistance, the most effective furniture along with the best grand opening,. You are susceptible to the contract you signed with all the franchise. That's the reason they want to be sure to have enough capital to pay for your start-up. They have pre-selected vendors that you must use. Generally you have to use there vendors.

Will a franchise assist me to secure my first contract?

No, they won't physically help you secure the initial or second or third contract. They supply you may marketing manuals, and internet based assistance but the meat and potatoes of marketing/advertising will be 100% you, because it should be. The thing is that you've dished out over $100,000 opening you business without ever securing one account.

Does a franchise offer business insurance, health care insurance or any sort or retirement plans?

No! Franchises aren't available of providing these types of, they may be in the business of promoting and reselling franchises, they are not in the business of providing benefits. They will refer you two an unauthorised vendor. Something you are capable of doing by yourself creating an online business.

Franchises state they have some of franchises, is good?

Certainly not, greater franchises they have the less possibility of growth you might have.

What do they mean by ongoing support having a Franchise?

It often signifies that you'll be able to call the toll free number by leaving a communication or visit there website and sort in your question. They are going to make an effort to respond once they can. If your franchise is huge you might have to wait a few days ahead of back. Right here when a business person that made the financial commitment with a medical staffing franchise sets out to feel abandoned and omitted to dry. Oftentimes this can be the truth. "After all, you business!"

What do franchises mean by term?

O'h, good question. It means the franchise is not yours, you accept to run the business enterprise for 5 years and at eliminate the five years the franchise could renew your agreement. Generally upon renewing your agreement you will need to pay another franchise fee. The decision to renew the term is solely based on the discretion of the Franchise company... Should they decide not to renew the franchise you'll loose the business.

What exactly are royalty fees?

Besides paying the Franchise fee and also the start-up expense, you are mandated to spend a royalty fee that's generally between 5% to 10% with the Gross revenue of the business. Many people don't know how much money that is. Lets me explain, a clinical staffing agency preps a marginal profit of between 20% to 25% from the Gross Revenue. In case you are necessary to pay a royalty fee of 10%, plus your medical staffing agency is merely producing a 20% Gross Profit you may be left with only 10% Gross Profit after making payment on the franchise royalty fee. But is won't hold on there. The 10% is exactly what you will need to use to cover your in-house employees and then any future marketing/advertising expense. The gain margin begins to dwindle into nothing. Very, very important to know what we are referring to.


Billing $100,000 each month

Paying Nurses/tech's $80,000 per month

Franchise Fee $10,000 per month

Gross Margin 10,000 each month

In house employees $4,000 per month

Rent/ Utilities Etc $3,000 a month

Adv/Mark. $1,000 a month

Total $8,000 monthly

Net Margin $2,000 each month

Basically for every $100,000 you bill monthly, you'll make $2,000 30 days. This equals to billing over 1.2 Million dollars per year and also you only make $24,000 a years, ouch! Not having a franchise enables you to redesign $150,000 12 months.

I hope this helps you in your entrepreneur spirit to get started on your own personal medical staffing agency. I have already been helping many new and existing entrepreneur's start they're own medical staffing agency inexpensively for countless years and i also hope I've helped you.

Post by heathcarestaffing2 (2015-12-20 07:09)

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